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Typographic Books Course Typography, 1st Semester

This page contains typographic books I have done in the beginning of my studies:

During my first and second semester I had six basic courses. One of them was Typography. As one of the projects we had to make one Typography Book about any subject we like. So while researching I found this Quote by Hugh MacLeod which kind of spoke to me and really provoked me to illustrate it. So I borrowed a whole lot of shares (real shares – paper ones, more than fifty) a friend had collected and scanned them. I then chose a checkbook-like format and started to illustrate important phrases and tried to build in more and more mathematic/analytical symbols during the book to strengthen the words MacLeod has written. This is the result:

The second book is called “Typographic Variants”. We had to use one phrase over and over again and develop variants of these one paragraph. I made 80 pages. Here are some of them:

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